Friday 27 March 2015

Ha? Pelumba F1 guna tuala wanita. Sanitary pad fix for sweaty Rosberg in Malaysian heat

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Mungkin selepas ni dia boleh jadi duta tuala

Pemandu Mercedes Nico Rosberg telah mendapat idea yang unik untuk menghadapi cuaca Malaysia yang panas iaitu dengan menggunakan tuala wanita untuk menyerap peluh dari memasuki matanya,

Good luck Team Petronas !!!

Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg has come up with a novel way of dealing with the heat and humidity of Sepang, by using a sanitary pad to soak up his sweat. There was no news however of whether his choice of pad was super absorbent or extra long. The Malaysian Grand Prix starts this weekend with qualifying tomorrow and the race on Sunday. – Reuters pic, March 27, 2015. -(via Malaysian Insider)

  • Heat and humidity are a perennial problem at the Malaysian Grand Prix but Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg has a unique solution – wearing a sanitary towel inside his helmet.

  • The German revealed that he uses the absorbent towels as sweatbands to stop moisture trickling into his eyes, a special "trick" which could give him an edge this week.

  • "I have an issue with my eye when I sweat a lot so that is what the headband is for," Rosberg told Sky Sports.

  • "Actually I do have sort of a headband in my helmet, it is my trick, but I can tell you. I put a woman's... erm... what do you call them? The thing you put in your underwear."

  • When the interviewer suggests "Tights?" Rosberg replies, "No, inside the underwear", before the term "sanitary towel" is volunteered.

  • "Sanitary towel – I put that on my forehead in my helmet to take up the sweat," confirmed the driver.

  • Temperatures upwards of 30°C were no sweat for Rosberg as he timed quickest in first free practice today. – AFP, March 27, 2015.

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  1. actually pad ni mmg bukan satu function je tau.. even sampai kdg2 tak terfikir boleh guna utk benda tu. nice sharing, good to know

  2. ke? Bnyk kegunaan ke.


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