Monday 2 March 2015

DSLR: Beginning of the end???

Assalamualaikum.. Peace to all.

Last 4 or 5 years we kindda saw many people walk around with a bulky camera with strap and happily snapping photo in mall, on the streets and in front of the food ,in other words its everywhere!!

The trend now see a diminishing number of dslr camera,  my opinion. I don’t have the stats by I believe the number of dslr sold shows a declining trend.

The reason: The smart phone.

The main culprit is the phone. ,,,a super duper advance smart phone has a decent photo quality
Its light and easy to use.

May be DSLR should be left to professional like SLR era…

I am no pro but I have two dslr(s)  now.. what to do..????

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