Monday 14 May 2012

Why they have to wait till the last minute......

Is it been scripted???
You cant get better than this.....

After 44 years, after 4 minutes of the the extra time, they did it..!
Why they wait for a very last minute?

Oh, i decided not the blog about this. But I cant help it!!
Man City is the new champion, and they acheived it in a very dramatic way!!

Congratulation Manchester City,,, thank Argentinians... Aquero, Tevez and Zabaletta...

Actually i celebrated earlier with my wife, than something unthinkable happen.. ManCity trailing 1-2??

Then at a very last kick of the games, the last kick of the season, the Blue Moon rising, rising to the occasion..

I rest my case!!!! I surely can't sleep tonite....

p.s After Malaysia beat Pakistan in hockey..... Now double celebrations!


  1. So now i know how MC win the title. it so dramatical...

  2. yup..crazy , crazy,,, VIVA MAN CITY!!


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