Thursday 31 May 2012

Somewhere in times...

1."Sometime the thing you most want doesnt happen, the thing you least expect does happen..."

2." meet thousands of people but non of them really touched you, and then you met one person and your life is changed forever"

Movie: "Love and other drugs"


  1. suka ayat y 2nd..:)..

    so true..

  2. i suka citer tgk cite tu.... dan i suka jugak tulips... kebetulan kan? n kebetulan jugak today im wearing kurung bunga tulips... but my tulips are yellow... :)

  3. Ayat pertama... I akui kebenarannya.. But... The best is, tge second line tu, memang happen to my life now

  4. @Saddlone.. perhaps? urmmm..why not sure
    @lifeischaos...really? like it too.
    @Belogkiter... oh..happening now? Congrate!


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