Friday 3 June 2022

I would love to..

Assalamualaikum bloggers and readers..

Morning !!

i would love to have a long morning drive with my love one. Play our song, loudly!
Talking about everything. Stop by to have a simple but nice breakfast.( Cekodok or lempeng pun ok.)

Forget about everything, (we wish..)

Haha of course cannot. She surely worry about the children  ..about food, about all.

But I am longing and rooting for a good breeze drive, a little hiking , laugh about what had happen. 
How silly we are, how the world and the celebrities ( some of them) are even sillier. The most stupid is me i guess Wohahaha.

Talk about how we met. How we fated together. 
How we destined to be in same class. She sat in front of me on the first day. Black long and shiny hair . (those were the time)

We could be anywhere in this world but here we are now. 

How i wish to become a proffesional football player or a guitarist for a rock band. Wow. I even learn to play guitar, but soon i realise i am tone deft. I couldnt! Macam mau hempuk guitar..I couldnt sing. i not good at all.

How i wish to go to oversea to further my study, but an offer letter for the interview came late to my remote village (kampung). End up to ITM Arau with a course that aku just belasah. A science student amik account. Because I didnt care much, as frustrated not able to go the interview for Oversea Programme (KPP that time). 
I glad i wasnt selected now!!
But its fated to see this beautiful girl in front of me in English class.
How would i forget.  The moment.
A girl being admired by senior even,,hahhaha. but she chose me!


Terima kasih atas komen dan cadangan.... Please come again

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