Tuesday 28 July 2015

Akhirnya aku complain ::Celcom oh celcom

Assalamualaikum bloggers and readers..

Izinkan aku untuk mengadu..
Dan aku ingin terbukakan email aduan aku..tengok macam mana depa nak respon. Bukan tak boleh hidup tanpa telefon atupun line Celcom..
Tapi depa buat aku pening..

Dah la plan nak kasi phone kat anak yang nak masuk U. Last last guna je phone Lurvy dulu. Bukan tak leh beli tapi sbb di bundled kan makanya lagi sonang, kunun nya..

Kalau kita diam ramai pulak yang akan terkena..

Tak tanya tak boleh la..
Nak bising2 pasal rm100 lebih pun  tak syok la,,
Tapi dijanjikan lain tak dibuat tu yg tak puas hati..

Kalau depa nak rembat duit setakat RM100 plus tu tak de hal jugak, Mungkin bukan rezeki aku.
Tapi benda2 macam pengguna tak leh diam kot..

Ni dia email aku ke Celcom serta SKMM..

saja nak kongsi sini... abaikan grammar ke menda.. yang penting aduan aku..

"Dear Ms ....,,

As you are aware, we have spoken on the above matter.

To recap:

I was an Digi user ( and still a user, due to celcom inaction), and had registered to transfer my line from DIGI to Celcom at Perbadanan Putrajaya road show and have chosen for a data package of  3gb for RM48.00  (or rm38.00, I cant recall exactly and I am  confused with the whole event).

For me, the above details ( of how much monthly amount and how many GB) , doesn’t matter anymore to me:

What matters  now is that, Celcom have collected RM 167.50 for to the device of Sony Experia that was supposed to be  bundled with the package, on 27/5/2015 thru my wife, who is using my phone and line.

1.       Since 27/5/2015 , we haven’t received the device as promised. My wife also didn’t  receive the " sim card" as she  was mentioned that  she should be able to use current sim.

2.   Till now i don’t know the what happen to my money.
3.       I did called Celcom few  time only to be transferred to i_dont-know-who-whom-not_sure_how-to-solve
4.       I did reported to celcom at Jalan Ampang after my attempt through phone were  not successful and was given your name as AM, (on 7 July 2015). The customer outlet executive (S. K) attended me and wrote the email to you but strictly mentioned to me that the email cannot  be cc-ed to me. She even suggested that she will mentioned that I will complain to SKMM if celcom didn’t call by end of day. I agreed to her idea.     
5.  I never knew the exactly the  content of her email as it was not cc-ed to me.
6.       I then called your number.

7.       Again, attempted to call your no. only not answer and sometime when to voicemail.
8.       On 24/7/2015 received a call from you (phewww) only to be given another person perceived to be responsible. I have asked you to personally  convey to the person on the issue,  to call me and to resolved the issue
9.       And now I keep waiting again, without any progress.

Now what I wanna do:

a.I will report this matter to SKMM, via this email.

b. I still hope Celcom can solve this “mystery” since it took more than 2 months.
c. If not able to solve pls return my money as soon as possible

Thank you..

My contact no is 019-2xxxxxxxxxx
The number supposed to be converted from Digi  to Celcom 016-311xxxx

P.s The receipt and supporting document were sent to you earlier by S.K..

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