Tuesday 3 April 2012


Adus..ingat dah settle, rupanya lagi hancus... Apa pun, moga yang terbaik utk mereka di hari mendatang.

SHAH ALAM: National striker Safee Sali who is currently playing for Pelita Jaya FC in Indonesia, has divorced his wife Sabarina Yusof.He divorced his wife on a talak satu in a closed door proceeding at the Shah Alam Syariah High Court.

Safee and Sabarina who were married in 2007 and have two daughters – Nur Syaza Syaqina, three, and Nursyasya Sorfina, one – mutually ended their marriage in front of Syarie judge Fouzi Mokhtar yesterday.

Sabarina’s lawyer Ezura Nashuha Abdul Hadi said that the divorce was amicable and divorce claims would be settled on mutual agreement.

Custody of both the children was given to Sabarina who said she would return to Sara­wak to be with her children who are now in Kuching.

Safee, the first Malaysian millionaire footballer after signing for Pelita Jaya, and Sabarina were in court with their respective lawyers. — Bernama

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  1. life is like a box of chocolate.... we never know what we'll get until we open the box... pray for their good in future... bersama kadang2 tak bahagia.... berpisah kadang2 lebih bahagia...


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