Friday 27 April 2012

Lets pray for Malaysia...

In the front of my laptop,
Danish not feeling well, maybe going to catch a fever soon. Already gave him a paracetamol syrup. Hopefully up and running tomorrow. Alwiz wait for me to go to surau, to ride a bicyle. To enjoy some kenduri ( if any) even though tak makan sangat..

Yasmin learned ABC tonite... Just for a start. Farah at tuition. Akmal already sleeping...Too tired may be.

(Oh, on the new tab, a music in playing from Era channel).

I m quite confuse.
A very contrasting msg come in.
Tomoro got Bersih. No permit?.
Need permit?
Police allows?
Police will help to smoothen the sit and protest.??

With certain condition?
Dataran is DBKL's. U cant touch that!!!??

No roadblock?

Got roadblock?

What the heck i care..??? I don't know for sure. ...somehow i do care...

But to rephrase what my friend had said this eveening:" I gonna go to Bersih. No matter what!! Because this is the last Bersih. After PRU13 , no need for another BERSIH, all will be cleaned up. Evrything will be bersih"

What does he mean???? Only time could tell. Pray for Malaysia. Our beloved country!! I do care, coz this is the country that I have.No others!!


  1. Being away from malaysia makes me care about malaysia more. Hoping for a better outcomes. Hoping everything would turn out fine

  2. hope so. Everyone is saying that, what they do is for love of our country

  3. i dont care about their reason but i hope they will respect the rules and regulations.. HUHU

  4. Zwan... everybody entitled to their opinion, but with responsibility.... Yup, rule is rule.Expect the worst, Hope for the best...

  5. setiap org ade pandangan masing2 tentang BERSIH
    kita doakan yg terbaik untuk semua :)


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