Wednesday 18 April 2012

I believe I can ski..

I don't think i've post an entry about me skiing. Quite late tho',.. but better late than neva..!!...

Yup. I can ski. It was easier than i thought..
See ya..
I m off to ski...

Opps.. around here only..

The master doing some streching before going up to the hill ( or mountain)

"Posing" mesti mauuuu.... gaya mau lebih...


  1. wow...kt mane ner neh? neway i following u back...keh keh keh

  2. -gedek- bukan kata bigfoot..siput pun tarak
    -alieavea: In Japan

  3. wohohoho...aku tau main sk8board jer...blum pnh try ski...mesti best...


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