Saturday 28 July 2018

Travel : Malaysia atau Thailand..

Malaysia vs Thailand: How to choose.

I accidently came across this video on youtube. This couple from US , if i not mistaken, compares their experiences when travelling in both country. MALAYSIA AND THAILAND.

Before that, if you guys happen to read my blog for the first time, I am Malaysian and i am proud with my country. They are some pluses and minuses point, but I am true and true Malaysian.

Ok come back about the video, this couple, in my opinion, is very humble and very honest in their observations/opinion.
And what more hearterning  is that the reaction of the viewers. The comments were very FRIENDLY. I  am not often reading the youtube comments but for this vid i keep reading and reading the

I didnt write the comment over there but i love both country. Disclaimer though, i have relatives in southern thailand, and thais are very nice people, nice food and Thailand is very beautiful places. Malaysia also the same,.... so there you go.
Come and visit both...and you will be amazed..
By the way, this is the video/youtube link.

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