Tuesday, 24 July 2018

For Ozil

I not a fan of German football team and will never be, in a foreseeable future. They play a very good football but i just didn't like the team. No much reason to give though.. Just, i am not a fan.

And what happened to Mezut Ozil make me sad.

He is a great player with had good vision on pitch. I watched him played with Arsenal . Last game i watched him played with Germany team when they were against Korea at 2018 Russian World Cup. He had a  good reading of the game. A few crosses he made were very good. And the team also played well. Just they couldn't score. And it was a collective failure. Not his failure..

But Ozil suffered the most. He been booed after the final whistle and that was the last straw. When a player played a heart-out and when the team unluckily "off-formed", you got booed. Arghh ..what more can the player said....  

"when the team won. i am Germany, when  the team lost i am an immigrant"

Well said Ozil!!

i support u Ozil.

From Malaysia....


  1. jumpa lagi World Cup di tahun 2022 nanti ^_^

  2. Thhis website really has all the information I needed about this subject and didn't know who to ask.

  3. he is a good player. xpe Ozil.. cuba lagi. bolakan bulat biasala tu skejap atas skejap bawah =)


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