Thursday 26 July 2012

Photo: Malaysia Vs Arsenal

The photos that were taken by me during Malaysia vs Arsenal on 24 July 12 at Bukit Jalil Stadium.

Arsenal player shielded the ball from Malaysian

Malaysia player try to intercept the ball.

Scrambled for the ball inside Malaysia's penalty box. The penalty claim by Arsenal was turned down.

Malaysian players celebrating Azmi Muslim stunning goal!

Safee Sali managed to break the Arsenal defence and cut the ball inside...

However his weak shot, due to off-position, saved by the goalkeeper

Safe again....

A slick pass by defender generating good built up to the left enable Arsenal to level..

...and to win the "session"..

Yes, Arsene Wenger used the word session, as in the training session!

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  1. akak p tgk yer..hbs mlyang duit rm108 sbb mlysia kalah 2-1..huhu

    chot tak lupa,chot dtg lgi sini:)


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