Tuesday 28 December 2010

Kita mesti jadi fan yg sporting..jgn ikut Malaysia.: Kata SBY

Kita mesti jd peminat yg bermaruah.. jerit mereka.. ( Bangsa maruah ke kalau baling najis kat kedutaan org)

Sporting my foot...... This was what happen in Jakarta...


korang tengok la goal yang last yg Bakdim ( ke apanama tu score)... Minit ke 4.05!

This what they are crying "cheat" ....
This was when we lose 5-1. Not an iota of blame game yg di buat oleh kem malaysia . We went there, we being whacked 5-1. We sat back. Learned our mistake and keep improving.. And now they are after our blood..watdehel!!! Because of those stupid laser which might be coming from illegal immigran from indon!!!!


  1. haha... kita yg patut jgn ikut fan dorang tu... :P

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