Saturday 7 May 2022

Oh my. What had happened??

Assalamualaikum bloggers and readers..

Feel very  sad for my team that i support. But becoz of Eid, it shadowed my sadness. But need to write on this.

Just i thought we are in Final UCL. Real Madrid hit back. It hit down to the deepest of pain. Couldnt believe  it.

But it happen, that's is football. Never say never. But this time Real Madrid came out triumphant. I did not they deserved it. 
It seemed the Man City asked for it. However, to be fair to Pep, all of us thought we nailed it.

Real Madrid being rReal Madrid never surrendered
 More over at their home turf.
Scored 2 goals in space of 2 minute and at the very end of regulation time. 90st mimute and 90+1.

How on earth that could happen?

But it happened. 
I was watching it.. at 3am Malaysian time.
And i felt disbelieved.

Oh my.
But its okay. True fan accepts the loss and move on. Keep on fighting.
Come on City.


  1. City will win the league. Don't worry. That coming sincerely from a Liverpool fan

  2. uish.. pukul 3 pagi tu tengok..


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