Thursday 3 January 2013

Bank wanna give me the money....

Assalamualaikum bloggers and readers..

I must admit, sometimes I am very mean and sarcastic. Especially to the unsolicited call such as a cll from telemarketers and sewaktu dengannya. What more they are kind that always call at the wrong time and at the wrong place.

But .. i also have to say i am  admire the person who works as tele marketer (TMR)... Its is a very good training ground actually..

Anyway, one fine day , a new year day ( pew, they are working on new year?). A TMR, a lady called me saying that the bank wanna give me an easy money..

Wah,, new year present or what?? Because a had won a prize from one bank last year.. ( The story is here)
Actually i am not over excited, i know that the bank wanna give me a cash advance.. at the rate of 7%!!
(Actually 6.99%, i round up for easy to type..hahaha)

.99 is a magic number .. always got the price like this RM0.99, RM8.99, ( never genap-genap one)..haiya tokey ..just mentioned Satu linggit lor..
After all if we buy a produck at 8.99 , we have to pay 9.00. Right or not.?? The 1 cent no longer being use nowaday. 0.99 is actually RM1.00 lah!!! Haiyaaaa..

Unless u buy more... get saving 1 or 2 sens..

Oh i digressed so much...
that actually my 2 cents thought on the 0.99 thingy!

So, she persuaded me to take the cash advance. ( now back to the TMR story,, what.. u lost already?)
I said i dont want..
She said i could settle my credit card balance,,, credit card interest rate is very high... better u settle lah sir.
I replied, have you check my credit card balance?  Do you know my balance? How much?
She yes she can give me the balance but i need to be verified as the accountholder..

then i ask..
Who give you the authority to access my credit balance,???
How could you know my hp number and such?
Do you aware of customer protection act??? bla bla bla ( aku gempaq padahal aku tak sure sangat apa nama act tu)

What happen after that is, she try to end the conversation and, i let her go....


P.s again,, i wanna wish the reader a happy new year..semoga lebih dirahmati Allah pada tahun ini.

p.s2 belum sempat karang lagi kesah maid kawan aku kena culik

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