Thursday 24 January 2013

Photo: Hentian RTC

Assalamualaikum bloggers and readers..

 On the way to hometown last week, we planned to stop at Simpang Pulai for Subuh prayer and bfast. Yess we left  at 4.30 am. Surprisingly the was another new RnR called RTC , just before Petronas Simpang Pulai...
Many facilities

First we tot the place for trucker to rest, because the parking was so huge

Newly opened... just 1 month old

 I was pretty satisfied with all the facilities. Could accommodate quite number of traveller.
It was very clean , may be because we were too early and not many people stopped by.
That's why Malaysia is chosen the top destination for Muslim tourist

 Big baby outside the Bilik Penjagaan Bayi
 Mamak restaurant the only eatery opened that time @ 7am


  1. Nampak bersih dan kemas..boleh lah juga singgah on the way in my next trip.

  2. menarik juga,,siap ada Mydin lagi...mana mau cari tempat lain..dari highway plus boleh singgah mydin


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