Friday 21 December 2012

My thought : 2012


My dearest bloggers and readers..

New year is fast approaching.

Today,  for those who think you re supposed to be perished and gone by today , I wish you all welcome back to reality. To the “prepper”,  its your right to believe what ever you want but this time I think you believe the wrong thing/ wrong advise and wrong calendar!! 

Even the Mayan is as not as strong community since their calendar was invented.  I find it is hillarious as even some of Muslim fall the trap of “World End” today.  Somebody should have made a fortune in selling the safety pod and kapsul, I guess.

Ok lets move on….
The Hijri calendar is “alive and kicking”. Only Allah knows when the qiamat will be. Till then, let us live as His servant on His Earth.

For this year I would not remember how many books I’ve finished reading ,  but I finished most of the books  I bought or borrowed. However  there are quite a number that I couldn’t stomach to finish it.

random picture
 Now my target to finish 982-pages book entitled “Doktor Umum” Memoir TDM. Its the last book to read before world end..oppsss before new new year..
Random: Danish and Akmal 


Before that let rewind a bit, looking back to 2012,... what make u feel thankful? What made you feel so proud of yourself? 

In our life, we may be slipped at times, falling apart.May be being knocked down few times..  but we able to dust off and became stronger, arent we?

Now. its your time think and reflect your amazing 2012…..

 overall I would say it it the amazing year for me. A huge releive off my shoulder. Being able to get rid with unnecessary hurdles.  

Family-wise, it couldn’t be better. I am gratefull that Allah blessed me with beautiful, smart kids and lovely wife
Financially ,I still got a few deals and projects to catapult my financial stability next few years.

And looking forward to new year with hope and success….

For those who visiting my blog, thank you and see u in coming posting....


  1. Good to know it's been a great year on your side :)

  2. I still have 2 books left unread. not sure can finish them all by end of this year.. happy new year!


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