Saturday 8 September 2012

Photoessay: First 10 minutes of her life

Assalamualaikum bloggers,readers..

10 minutes of her life.

Welcome to the world...Happened few years back but i ddn't have the blog at that time and dont know how to blog.. Hahahaa.. Ok ok dont laugh.pls.

She had gone through quite dramatic first few months of her life as well, but not as citical as Along ( Nabila), but she had to go full blown photolight theraphy due to,,guess what , severe jaundice.. Here the photos i franticcally snapped during first few minute after she was born.

Welcome to the world...
Allahuakbar..Our Creator is the Greatest

Look into her eyes..looking at me. Who is he??(Might be her thought at that time)
Calm .... after Iqamah

Holding my hand.. ( 2 days old)


  1. waalaikumussalam..alhamdulillah..besr dh dia kn ^^

  2. wahh..bestnya dapat ambik gambar time baru2 lahir.dah besar dah yea :)


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