Tuesday 19 June 2012

Berfikir dulu sebelum terjah....

Apa yang perlu anda lakukan bila org confront anda dan ready to fight?
Atau bersedia utk berdebat?
Atau orang complain kepada anda tentang sesuatu perkara?

My advice is your pause a moment and listen. Let them talk and talk and talk...till the fat lady sing if possible ( ever heard the phrase "till the fat lady sing")

Like in football, they said those days" Its aint over till the fat lady sing"

This phrase originated during those time in western world, if i not mistaken, the theather will not end untill a fat lady appeared and sing!!! Those days lahhh.. Now tak ada lagi...

Jgn ever confront balik, especially when u are a seller and service provider.

It happen to me buying something and i bring back home and used it. And it was not working as it intended to!!

So i brought back to the shop and complained.
The lady said" Cannot lahh.. u dah pakai"
Huh.. iturn red as gritting my teeth to hold back my anger. Which i managed to.

(Dah la kena datang semula sini, kerja tak siap. Minah ni terus defend tanpa dengar penjelasan)

Another worker realised that i m angry and try to solve the problem.. Lucky her.
I keep my cool . as always....Explain what happened, and he accepted the thing to be repaired at supplier.

I thank him and while working out. I gently mentioned to that lady :" Ms, how come I know it working or not if i didn't used it? Sure i have to used it first than i would know. U better think first before u talk ok"

I could see embrasement on her face.......

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