Wednesday 27 June 2012

Balotelli jadi King Kong

Setelah mengalahkan England ..Akhbar di Itali menggambarkan Mario Balotelli seperti King Kong yang menawan Big BEN...

Mengapa tak kata jadi Singa ke rimau ke.... hahahaha

oleh yang demikian, peminat mengecam akhbar tersebut hinggakan terpaksa minta maaf..
Semuanya sensitif kan sekarang...

Euro 2012: Gazzetta dello Sport apologise for Mario Balotelli King Kong cartoon
Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport have issued an apology after they published a cartoon depicting Mario Balotelli as King Kong.

Drawing attention: a cartoon image appearing in the Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport depicts Italian striker Mario Balotelli as King Kong By Telegraph Sport
9:07AM BST 27 Jun 2012
The Manchester City forward featured in the cartoon on the top of Big Ben, swatting away footballs after Italy's win over England on Sunday at Euro 2012.

A statement from Gazzetta read: ''Some of our readers have protested regarding (Valerio) Marini's cartoon.

''Balotelli was depicted as King Kong.

''We can honestly say it was not among the best products of our talented cartoonist.

''At this time, a measure of prudence and good taste are necessary because everything, absolutely everything, can be misinterpreted

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