Thursday 8 March 2012

Ni ni ni niinnndiaaaa.. Perkahwinan terpantas

Rekod dunia ke apa....Sah sah kahwin kerana harta kot ni..

THE marriage of a young Taiwanese couple lasted only an hour after the husband dithered over his wife's request for a new car, reported Nanyang Siang Pau.

The wife, known only as Wang, had brought her husband, known only as Lee, to a car dealer soon after registering their marriage as she wanted her husband to buy an imported car for her.

But when Lee, 23, said he would consider it, Wang, 27, immediately snapped: “Divorce me if you do not want to buy!”

They then went back to the registration department to file for a divorce..

p/s . Tu dia aihhhhhh


  1. Isk isk...pas kawin trus gi kedai nak beli kete, takkan tak tau kemampuan suami..suka2 hati je..ade gak org cengini

    jom try ga ni, hadiah pun best

  2. hahaha naam pun Wang... dia emo kekonon ugut camtu dapat kete tapi dapat 'divorce'


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