Thursday 2 February 2012

Good bye MRSM Terendak...

Arrived home at 8 pm from Malacca. Today I took day off to bring back Along and all her stuff from Terendak. I don't know, I just feel some emptiness. I don,t how to describe it. Yup, it had been three years, we been up and down from Puchong to Terendak. Visiting and sometimes to attend some function at MRSM.

I don't know about Along... But i think knew because i was in boarding school before..

It had been a long drive home bringing my daughter home. She will be registering at MRSM Langkawi for next 2 years. After 3 years studying at Terendak, I sometime felt Masjid Tanah is my home town. I spend more my weekend/holidays there compare to going to my hometown in Kedah.

Next 2 years i would be heading north more frequent,, i guess...


Thanks to all the teachers who had imparted all the valuable lesson and for taking care of her for the last 3 years... The next journey beginssss


Terima kasih atas komen dan cadangan.... Please come again

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