Monday 2 May 2011

Dear PSC

Dear Produa Service Center,

I keep sending myVi to you becoz they said i should maintain my little car properly and you are good at it. Furthermore the make of the car is Produa.

I also sending there because it is still under warranty. If not i would have sent to kedai cina pomen around my place.

I sending there because i believe it will be in a good hand although it is not your car.

I complaining because that the only car ( plus another one) that i could have. If i own Toyota or BMW or Mercedes, i wont send there and i couldn't care to write u a letter. My complain is minor but what the hell, i complain thru my blog.

I know all of u are busy, but have you all thought of opening the door properly.

Let me tell you what i mean properly. Pls pls pls dont hold the key with the same hand that open the door. If you otherwise, there will a scratch on the paint around the handle, believe me. and it is quite "deep". If you dont believe , you do it with your car, everyday, and in such a hurry.

Furthermore you have hundreds of car to attend daily, and if you do that in such a hurry, my car ( and others) will be "damn".

The scracth is not obvious from a far but I could tell, it is becoz of you. I know my car well...

Again, if i dont care i wont be complaining. If i got a tonnes of money i buy another car. But basically, i care because it is my Car and i am sending to you, for servicing and I PAID for the service. Mind you, it is not a complimentary service. Even if it is, you have no right to handle my car like you did!!

Thank you for your kind attention..


I think it is bcoz of the key and not screw driver..( erk, screw driver??)

I dont complain earlier, think it is small matter, but now i m in the mood to write...wohaaa.. arghhh,, becoz it is my car not yours


  1. shian u ek... len kali tunggu ajer diorg wat kije.. (kalo takleh tunggu sbb keje amek je cuti tau)leh sound tepek kalo ade yg x memuaskan hati... kan? adatla... org punye.. lebih kurang jer lah....

    p/s: bende baru.. disyg2.... bende lama..... sila sambungkan ayat anda sndri.. sekian terima kasih...

  2. tp kalau cuti pun tak boleh tengok kat working area...


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