Tuesday 8 February 2011

2 more down with fever...alamak


2 more down with fever, very2 high fever, this what doctor mentioned: if more than 38.5 consider high. Mlm tadi Yasmin around 38.9 and Najmi 38.6.
Aku decide today i will request for emergency leave, urgently need to settle this health issue. Moreover the youngest, Yasmin is also down with fever.
Sms to office saying i m not able to work today.

So off me to clinic nearby, panel clinic. Asked whether they have Tamiflu as the doctor from G/Eagle requested immediate treatment if another person has fever. Too bad they didnt keep stock as it is expensive..around RM200 per box. Wow! i already been priscribed 4 boxes. Now two more down..Do the math, tak masuk ubat lain lagi. dgn test/lab la lagi.. Nevermind, better my company pay RM1000 now dari RM10,000 kalau kena masuk wad.Perihatin aku pasal bill company aku...
Wonder who the last man/person standing..Yang still healthy. Aisya( baru ja dmm pun) Farah dan Akmal....HAhahaha

Never mind i straight up to KL, Traige Nurse took tempreture and they were quite high.
Najmi and Yasmin kena " ubat bontot",, Najmi pandai lak malu2. Then aku brief doc. about the history, and bla bla,,, Dia tanya aku pun under Tamiflu ka? Yep. Doctor check aku lebih kurang
So are u working today.? Tanya doctor
Nope doctor, i informed office that i unable to work today ...
"Better u quarantine kat umah... U should be on leave for 7 days. Better be safe and fit. " Tegas sang doctor.. ( Haha tegas ke.??. tu ayat penulis saja)

I donno whether to be sad/shy or happy.Mana aku penah MC 7 hari... and ok jugak stay at home coz not fully fit..

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