Saturday 6 October 2018

Happy birthday Lurvy..

To my Lurvy..
My other half..
My pillar of  strength..

You know i love you so much.
We been through so many things.
We persevere,.. you persevere more than me.

In your eyes, you know i will always you.
Come what matters..
I will never leave you..
never ready to leave you..

Oh Allah.. please let me grow old. grow older beside her.
To appreciate Your existence, Your power..
and hope You to provide us abundance of joy.. till Jannah
With our sons and daughters..
...and their offspring.

Thank Allah for bestowing me my beautiful wife
Big at heart..
Always understand me.
Encourage and comfort me.

Please reward her more happiness
In years to come..
And put her at ease in whatever she do.
Give YOUR barakah and rahmah in her life

Love and ..
Happy Birthday my dear on 6.10.2018

Laban rata

p.s Cant wait to go home and hug you

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