Tuesday, 15 November 2016

After you...

Time shows 12.09 midnight.
The battery of this laptop could hold about 15 minutes the most.
Maybe i ll let it die like my hope is dying

I looked like an idiot this evening. Twice.

.Waiting for uncertainty, that was one.
.being kept waiting. but  I persevered.. 
Everybody waiting for something/ someone in life.

It might  comes on the right time..i might not on the right time
Or it might just came and went by,, the two  paths were just crossed and continued their own journey..
..., somewhere in time..
But you should feel happy  it came and passed through your life.
even though..
Let  us wish that the crossing point stops there..

 ...(oh the idiotness).and another one telling something shouldn't have told, and being laughed at. Yes..  by "kid." Come on. 
Hey ..just kidding 

Take it easy..!!

Sometimes ..something should be kept by myself.
Idiot.. Why let it out.?
It was not relevant...

If that was a game,, i lost.!!
oh by the way , i am willing to lose if it makes  the world happy.
.why not...
But if that was the game?... must it to have a winner and loser.?
and..More pertinent question..was it a game? Oh my.. i dont thik so

However, u can also be winner when losing.. Yes.
Take a loss honorably..a hope for the best.. in whatever circumstances..

Telling from the heart that matters. 
Your mind want to block it out. 
But your never can lie to your heart..

And i let it out.. 
out not so loud but it clear,..
Nothing more clearer than that..

p.s  what i was mumbling about..  let just keep  reading..

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