Wednesday, 16 July 2014

It's done!

Assalamualaikum bloggers and readers..

This world cup is the best ever maybe, that’s what I thought ever since I’ve known world cup..
Its really draining my emotion, not that I am very emotional man but I just don’t know. I am not Argentine but ..never mind its just football.

But then during Sahoor last night,,
 Aisya ask Mama: “Abah tak tengok bola ke?”
( hrm my routine to watch football in the morning..?)
Urgghhh..still asking meh..
Lurvy: “Bola dah habis habis abah kalah..”

Morning after promised when shopping for raya. For my daughters.  Have to go “lah”…

Son done. Man and boys alwiz simple one..hahaha.
GO. Choose color. Try . Done. 4 steps.

I would have been much much genorous in spending their cloths if Argies champs..
Lucky for me.
Ok enuff football..!!!

Then, we  when to by new racket.
Back home Yasmin sarcatiscally ask .
 Nop, actually she innocently and curiously  ask. Child is very direct in their question. No hidden agenda. But how come 6 year old ask and give this kind some advice to me left me specchless

Yasmin: Abah, naper abah beli reket baru…Abah kan dah ade racket.. Elok lagi. Guna dulu reket lama. Simpan duit tu nanti boleh beli rumah..
Me: Errr..

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