Tuesday 17 April 2012

Proton Preve

Proton Preve.......

Let forget about the name for a moment. Look at the design and I think Proton did a pretty good job. From Gen2 ( yess! i like the Gen2 stylish but not the performance) to New Saga and Inspira and now Preve, they deserve a pat on a back.

I would say that the enhancement of the outer body fit my expectation. In designing the car, not much could be done, unless the whole platform is changed, but then it would be a new challenges also. I love their perceived tranformation of the car design.

At the moment, that i would say about preve till i test drive...its time to preve ( to prove it worth)!!!

Photo: www.protonpreve.com


  1. ramai yg puashati ngn specs preve nih...dhla enjin turbo...terbaik wooo...hohoho

  2. memang nampak cantik tiefazatie

    Faiz: Tu la, tak sempat tinjau showroom lagi


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