Sunday 13 February 2011

Rooney, Wondergoal and Melaka

Pepagi lagi pegi breakfast with Lurvy and Aisya as well as Yasmin. Yang lain belum bangun atau masih kat bilik. Then read some newspaper. And remember most about departure of Hosni and wondergoal by Rooney. All Mat Salehs should watch sepaktakraw lah! Baru terbeliak biji mata....
However, kudos to WR, well executed overhead kick and won MU last night.

Wash car and do some gardening.@ 11.30 move to Melaka to send Nabila. It had been long CNY for her due to viral fever.Yesteday sent her and sisters and brothers to Popular to have "fun" there. Its cost me more than RM100 to have fun at book store. Well spent I hope...

Reach school about 1.00 pm. Then salam2.. balik. Had lunch at newly open eatery, juz wanna try, but sadly food not up to its deco. Could have been better, but its lack something. NVM, not my fav restaurant,..

Bye Along..

Bellboy in action...

Suka sangat heret bag kakak dia

MAin ja tgh panas..
Back to school


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