Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Kita import Maid . Indon import player bola...

1st Half Malaysia trailing by 1 to 2

Hopefully Msia could raise their game in the second half. I believe they could. Becoz the 2 cheaply loose ball by Malaysia lead to Indon both goal.

Indon came strongly in the first 7 minutes. They even drew a first blood thru their naturalized Uruguaiyan player but superbly saved by Sarrbinee, a quite nervous Malaysia keeper.

After that Malaysia settled down slow. The effectively built up the attact but not enuf support from the midfielder. Maybe still jittery fom Indon onslought earlier. However a clean pass from Safie Sali to Idlan seemed good but assistant referee ruled offside. The linesman performance leave to be desired as another thru ball by Malaysian received a simirlar call..

Now Indon 3 Mas 1,
too early in 2nd half indon scored again.....

Now i want to enjoy the games... Rose up Malaysia!!!!!

UPDATE>>>>> Malaysia kalah 5-1...Aik? Boleh ka mcm ni...

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