Thursday 28 February 2019

Brace for a tough year?? hope not!!

Assalamualaikum bloggers and readers..

Something is not right brewing in the world we are living in. The only world that we have, Mother Earth.

There is escalating tension in Kashmir region. Beautiful place but it is overcame by greed. Much more money spend to strengthen military power than to give to the poor: to develop that area.

A beautiful place is now going to witness the war between two neighbours. I hope it will not. In addition, I think those two countries are not that stupid to go all out wars?

Back home there is still no strong footing from the government to face many turbulence. Economic issues, rising cost of living, unemployment, downtrend of ringgit versus major currencies, and political headwinds. Something is not right..

As well I not sure of current government measure to address this, I we be able to overcome this situation and bring back all the good things and furthermore to provide the best for rakyat,
I am not sure whether too much politics and sheer incompetence or there are much more government to do to repair the nation. Or combination of all.
Pray the best for Malaysia !!
What we need is the right people to do the right thing.

And I still need to write something about arwah Adib. It happened at USJ, and th e inquest is ongoing, hopefully the truth will be prevailed and the family will get the answer. USJ and that area is a place I am quite frequent so when reading the news regarding Adib, its trigger a lot of memories. Furthermore he is Kedahan and I was in Kedah when they flown his jenazah back home. Alfatihah.

Fighting is Syria, Uighur in China, Rohingya in Myanmar and Muslim in Kashmir and Sri Lanka.. all bad news. 

Hope world will be a better place for all…

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