Thursday 2 April 2015

Photo : Langkawi - Revisited

Assalamualaikum bloggers and readers..

Setelah terperap lama akhirnya foto ini muncul di sini. Gambar diambil ketika melawat Langkawi untuk sekian kalinya. Ketika di Kuah dan melihat2 diluar jendela ternampak satu teluk yang mana mungkin boleh diabadikan dalam gambar. Rupanya temapat sebegini boleh menghasil satu shot yang aku agak puas hati hasilnya. " keep on clicking ur camera"!!

These photo taken when we visited Langkawi (The Legend Island) for the umpteenth times. It laid idle in my hard drive and tadaaa... finally they are here.

The first photo taken at a bay in Kuah, Langkawi. Looking out from my apartment window, i saw a small bay with few boats ( Malay: sampan) dancing with the wave. The boat were lazily anchored by the fishermen who were not going out, or maybe they had just had a new  job in town, and fishing become a "stress reliever".

Going closer to the boat was quite challenging, i had to walk past an abandoned hut, it seemed, but we never know. With the mangrove roots protruding , i need to be extra  careful to avoid being poke or cut, not to mention the snake or monitor lizards might jump in front of  you.

An early morning help to calm the sea with wind nicely breeze down my neck, at time it was already cooled by the drops of the dew from the swaying trees.

I spent quite some time to get this shot. But quite happy with the result. 

The area might not last long as there were few development creeping in. It was more than 2 years, i wonder if it will be the same now??

a  boat at a bay in Kuah langkawi
The above photo was also posted in MY GALLERY 

And the following photo taken at Pulau Dayang Bunting  ( Island of Pregnant Lady)


Terima kasih atas komen dan cadangan.... Please come again

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