Wednesday 24 April 2013

Nuffnangs and Rohingya

Assalamualaikum bloggers and readers..

1. I try to get my self some time to write and post here...

 Now i am reading or finishing my book entitled "The Art of Being Unreasonable".

I challenge my self this time. I picked up book, read it and don't stop even though how bored it is.
And the book is not the one that i want it to be. Kinda boring stuff. Really. But i got to finish it. Furthermore i got to review it....

With all the books in my hand, i got to do with this book coz i challenge myself to finish it. No matter what....



I think i am done with Nuffnangs. I cant remember when the last time i logged in into my nuff account.... maybe 6 or 7 months ago,,
And after i changed my blog layout, i dnt realized the bigger advert was accidently removed. ( due to the layout, not by nuffnang). and it find with me,,,

 I just wanna write and share my thot,, in what ever i care less about nuffnangs at the moment... simply because:
1. It not pay me gud enuff,, hahaha.. (i mean not pay me fair enough)
2. I got other means to obtain my passive income..
3. Its not fair, in my opinion... ( how is that?.. when an advert is running on my place, i should be paid,,regardless the click,.. i m not sure , i didnt read TC ,)
4. I write not because of money,, well at least for now.
5. And , i think i will get more money when you recycle than getting from nuffnang, if i were to compare.
.... but thats not the point,, i just could ignore nuffnang)

3. Rohingya.

It is very sad, disheartening with what going on in Myanmar..Rohingya being killed, systematically.
The horrendous crime being committed while the world is watching . And mind you this is Myanmar, the nation that being called pariah state earlier, now try to potray that they belong to the same league with the rest of regional nation. Amid the shadow of liberalisation and opening of the country, they let the citizen killing each other, or correctly, they let the ethnic cleansing happening right before their eyes.

It happened that Muslim being the victim,,,
Coincidence?,,, planned clashed.?.. spur of the moment? or just a blind hatred toward the race???

I have a very expectation of Aung San Su Kyi..but she said she could do nothing (and not attempt to do something..)
Where is the humanity???

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  1. for the case of nuffnang, they are not paying me yet, but i know i've to stay and being loyal to them to get what i want! even i had sign up nuff for 2 years! demmit -..-'


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