Tuesday 2 November 2010

My Mango tree

Its so hearthening to see your labour come to fruitful. It a fruit indeed. My mango tree in front of my house produce a lot.. 10 years exactly.. Its not a short period of time. What more in the modern time evrything fast. My mango tree take one decade to flower and eventually become fruit. When i first saw it flower, i coulndt believe my eyes. After all i already gratetfull it provides shade for my car.

I plant it from the seed. Given by my father in law ( arwah). We can feel closer to the person with a good deed done to us. Even the tree can remind us to someone that once in our heart. What else u can can say if the gift is something is treasured. Can you just simply forget "sumone" ? Hilang akai ka apa???

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